Student Outcomes Profile: Princess Jefferson ’20

In Winter 2016/Spring 2017, a series of feature stories were written for a printed piece for Bryn Mawr College’s admissions office, highlighting student career development and outcomes. Full-length feature stories were also published on BMC’s website.

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A Houston native, Princess Jefferson, ’20 came to Bryn Mawr College with a mission to succeed, not just for herself, but for her family. As one of the main financial contributors back home, she worked throughout high school to help support her father, mother and two brothers.

“It’s not just about getting to college – it’s about your college experience prepping you for the next set of doors to open,” Jefferson said. “But you have to do the groundwork.”

During her first semester on campus, Jefferson visited “nearly every” office on campus, making connections with faculty and staff and learning about the resources available to her.

She took a variety of classes – history, political science and an English course, “Changing Your Story,” with Professor Anne Dalke that completely reshaped her perspective and solidified her feeling of belonging at Bryn Mawr.

The course examines how different dimensions of human identity, such as race, class, gender, sexuality and religion, affect a person’s ability to act and interact in the social and natural worlds.

“This class, I just fell in love with it,” Jefferson said. “It really allowed me to see through the eyes of the other students here – and there are so many amazing people here – it’s the best part of Bryn Mawr. We all had a chance to speak, and everyone’s perspective was included.”

In addition to a diverse set of classes her first semester, Jefferson conquered her fear of the water and learned to swim. She also began to explore her major and career interests. She intendeds to craft an independent major focused on education administration and reform, building off her own educational experiences growing up in Texas.

After visiting the Leadership and Innovation in the Liberal Arts Center (LILAC), Jefferson was connected with the ACLAMO Family Center, a bi-lingual social service agency in Norristown. Bryn Mawr students work with children in grades K – 8 at the center, providing support and coaching in reading and language comprehension.

“I knew I wanted to work in education, and I was looking for ways to connect with students and with the community outside of campus,” Jefferson said. “I go twice a week – sometimes I just listen to the kids or color with them. We work on their homework, and they help me learn Spanish, which they love. I see this as a first step, giving me on-the-ground skills and preparing me for the career I want.”